FloWr is a Computational Creativity development platform comprising:

It uses the common notion of flowcharts to describe systems. Boxes represent individual process nodes, each of which performs a specific individual task. The arrows between nodes represent the data transfer between them.

FloWr is a place where researchers can come together to share their creations, code and ideas. New nodes and flowcharts are being added all the time and the framework provides unlimited scope for expansion. Contact the Goldsmiths Computational Creativity Group for an access token.

You can access the online portal here.

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Future work

We are interested in the notion of software creating software. A core issue is finding the right level of flexibility of language, whilst managing the search space. This is a significant research challenge but we are hoping that the simplicity of the FloWr system will help. As part of this, we have developed the FloWr API, which lets developers create flowcharts independently of the GUI. This allows users to experiment with automated software development using whatever software they are most comfortable with.