Project summary

The CADGame project was a research collaboration with Rebellion Developments Ltd., a well known game design studio based in Oxford, from 2008 to 2011. We investigated new approaches to using data in the creative design of video games. In particular, automatically modelling player behaviour and experience from gameplay data, to support human game designers and improve player-adaption in video games.

As part of the project we helped Rebellion develop instrumented versions of their shooter titles Rogue Trooper (2006) and Aliens vs Predator (2010). Our research looked at unsupervised learning of player style, predicting player experience from in-game behavior, and the effect of adaptation on behaviour and experience in games.


We worked with an excellent team at Rebellion: Paul Miller, Kevin Bezant, Steve Burge and Euan Carmichael.



The data and analysis used in the TCIAIG paper is available via GitHub. It provides summary statistics for 443 games of Snakeotron and 881 combat events in Rogue Trooper, plus some associated R scripts. More detailed frame-by-frame data is available on request.