About me

I recently moved to the School of Computing at the University Dundee, to take up a lectureship in the Argumentation and Computation research group. Previously, I was a Research Associate working in the Computational Creativity Group at Imperial College London (now at Goldsmiths), and the Theory Group at Queen Mary, University of London. I am also a visiting researcher at the University of Edinburgh, and I currently have my main web pages here.

The Computational Creativity Theory Project

I am working with Simon Colton and John Charnley to develop a rigorous, computationally detailed and plausible account of how creation by software could occur. We use examples and theories of human creativity, particularly in the visual arts and in mathematics, to inspire our development of formalisms to describe and extend the notion of creativity in software.

Researching Mathematical Practice

I am working with Ursula Martin to investigate current mathematical practice; in particular, ways in which mathematicians are using web 2.0 technology. We are interested in whether Lakatos's theory of how mathematicians communicate and use counterexamples to refine concepts, conjectures and proofs was an accurate description of evolution in mathematics, and whether Polya's problem solving heuristics are used in research mathematics.



Issues in Computational Creativity

Researching Mathematical Practice

Modelling Mathematical Cognition

Applications of Automated Theory Formation

PhD Thesis